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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see a full gallery of yours?
    Of course! Feel free to ask to see one when you’ve been in contact with me!
  • How do you deliver your photos?
    I deliver my high resolution photos in an online gallery. I recommend printing your photos (I use a local company called I do not have a set limit for how many images my clients get back but it can be anywhere from 100-150 images. I almost always end up with more photos than I promised!
  • How long will it take to receive my full gallery?
    My turn around time for is normally 1-2 weeks. It can be a bit longer depending on how busy the season is, but I will inform you when the gallery has been emailed over!
  • What should I wear to my session?
    Wardrobe is so important in setting the tones and vibe in the session! Earth tones can't be stressed enough. I will email you a Pinterest board of outfit inspiration after you have signed your contract. I am always available to help you make outfit decisions, as it excited and inspires me when the outfits flow too!
  • Do you give out raw images?
    No! Raw files will not be given out to my clients since they are not a representation of my work. Editing is a true part of the photography craft. I will also not change my editing style for client preference, nor re edit another photographer's work.
  • How do you decide the shoot location?
    Location depends on the time of year, lighting, weather, and outfit choices! I am open to your ideas, however anything past 25 miles may be subject to a travel fee.
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